Providing meals, groceries, love, and the occasional pizza.

QueerMeals is based in Provo, Utah.

Life in Provo can be overwhelming for the LGBTQ community. Because of this, there are many groups in Provo that serve the LGBTQ community. QueerMeals is simply one more. We are open 24/7 to folks who need a safe space to sit, visit and decompress—where their pronouns will be respected and their individual paths will be cherished.

We have extensive experience with suicide prevention counseling and visitors can expect to feel validated and appreciated.

If you need to come over,  or even if you do not want to leave your home but you would like a visit or a meal, send us a message and we’ll tell you how to find us.


Help us support LGBTQ folks in Provo who need a safe space and a warm meal at any time, day or night.

QueerMeals is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. EIN 82-3835503.


Because QueerMeals is hosted out of a private home, we are not posting the address online.

If you need a safe space to hang out or a meal, please use the contact form below and we will be in touch with directions.